Monday, August 14, 2006

I'll bring the popcorn

Mike has made it safely to the Arctic Cirlce, albeit without his luggage. Is it too late to FedEx him a quilt? He's sent a couple mass e-mails already extolling the fierce beauty of his new home. He's planning to start a blog or something to chronicle his adventures up north. When he does, I'll link to it. For a mad mathematical genius, he's a pretty good writer.

Mom arrives sometime this evening for the SSQ concert. Yes, I know she's three days early. She wanted an excuse to get out of her wee town again. Can't blame her. She'll be driving a new car, too, as the transmission in the old one gave up the ghost last week. D'OH! This morning she e-mailed me a phone photo of a highway rest area in SD, so I know she's on the road. That's my Mom. Pictures of bathrooms. I love her.

As for Rockapella: Who needs the band to perform when the fans put on such a lively show of their own? High camp? High drama? High five! I smell a new reality show. Just right for MTV, don't you think?



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