Thursday, August 10, 2006


Follow-up. Nothing but follow-up

those keys I found
No word yet. I might, after all, post a sign near where I found them.

Sister-san’s stolen Harley
No word on that, either.

this morning’s fire drill at work
False alarm.

Yesterday I took my first stab at downloading songs from acaTunes. First, I had to feed 10 acabucks into my account. Prepayment is acarequired — and acannoying. And because of “administrative fees,” which is BS for “we have you over a barrel,” you can only prepay in multiples of 10. I wanted to download just three songs, but I had to bank 10 acabucks. Not cool, acaTunes. Not unless you’re paying me interest on my acabucks.

Next, only two of my three chosen songs were actually available for download. The site is fairly new and not yet firing on all cylinders. So one of the songs is still on my wish list, and eight of the acabucks are still in my account.

The downloads were slow and did not bring the album art with them like iTunes does.

Feature I like: I can subscribe to RSS feeds for new acquisitions and featured music. If acaTunes lays hands on Primer, I will be among the first to know. And I will taunt you with that knowledge.

Overall impression: underwhelmed at the moment, but willing to indulge the site’s growing pains. For a little while.

SSQ concert next week
One of my friends can’t go after all. His wife is going to try to roust one of her friends to go in his place.

T’ai Chi retreat
Definitely on. I’m going, and I’m not carpooling with anyone, so stop asking! I’m rooming with Lisa.

Programming tracks I hope to hit include American sci-fi and fantasy TV, sci-fi lit, Buffy, podcasting, Trekkage, Wheel of Time, X-track.

Not featured, to my surprise, but likely to spawn spontaneous mini-tracks in the halls: Harry Potter, Lost, Xena. And you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be belly dancing. The more belly, the better.

favorite vidcasts
Ask a Ninja, Dane Cook’s Tourgasm, Comedy Central’s super-shorts, Blue Man Group



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