Wednesday, July 19, 2006

today's topics

Today’s topics:

  • Cuteness. My niece is cuter today than she was yesterday, and that’s some serious cuteness. You all are just going to have to stop by my house sometime and see the photos. I have photos of her blowing bubbles, patting the kitty, playing at the playground, clowning in the bathtub, lounging with me in the hammock, balancing on the big blue ball, having a tea party, sleeping . . . and the week is only half over.

    The new nickname bestowed upon me by CNE is Duckie. It’s sort of “Auntie,” but I think it’s also a reference to the plethora of rubber ducks in my bathroom. I don’t mind being Duckie at all — but Grandma isn’t really thrilled about being called Gaggie.

  • Integrity. I’m referring here to the definition that reads steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code, i.e. doing what you said you’d do when you said you’d do it. Taking responsibility for your words and actions. Elementary, right?

    Apparently not. There’s been a lot of discussion about integrity, and lack thereof, around the office lately. Do other people find this to be a problem?

    Moreover, a few years ago, I spent a wretched long weekend in a Landmark Forum ( Remind me to go off on this some other time.) that was basically three solid days of trying to pound this apparently alien concept into adult Americans’ heads. I was horrified by the number of people who absolutely do not understand what it means to keep one’s word. People! It’s not that hard!

  • www.bloglines.com. A rerun, but one that bears repeating. This RSS aggregator is a great way to keep up with new posts on numerous kinds of websites, including many blogs, news feeds, podcasts and some message boards.

  • Doydus. What does this word mean? What do you think it means?


  • I have a cute son -- I might just have to send you some pictures!!

    By Blogger Parker, at 8:38 PM  

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