Thursday, July 20, 2006

a quart low

Dear Internet,

Please excuse Jugglernaut from posting anything coherent today. She donated blood this morning and is running a quart low.


The Bloodmobile

I’ve learned some important things today. Such as:

  • I am a positive role model of dental hygiene for CNE. Yay me! Geez, even her teeth are cute.
  • A box half-full of Styrofoam packing peanuts (what my Dad called ghost poo) can amuse a toddler and her aunt for a very long time.
  • I can copyedit with one hand while donating blood from the opposite arm.
  • Freelance MST3K-esque movie commentary is now downloadable, for a nominal fee, online at www.Rifftrax.com. The site is still in beta test, but I’m going to try it. The first movie to get riffed is Roadhouse, “starring Patrick Swayze at his most shirtless,” according to the blurb. What could be a higher recommendation? I’m on it!
  • If you remain dateless long enough, dating services will proactively call you. I’ll explain next week if you can stand the suspense.
  • If you ignore work projects long enough, some of them will actually go away.
  • Speaking of going away, my weekend begins at 4:30 today and will be largely devoted to the hog roast and CNE. Try to struggle on without me.


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