Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Clerks. Jerks?

I saw Clerks shortly after it came out on video, probably in 1995. The movie — excuse me, the film — was hailed as a ground-breaking indie tour de force, a gripping social commentary, a Gen X anthem, etc., and I agreed with every positive review.

I rewatched Clerks this past weekend and was only faintly and intermittently amused. I wanted to slap the whine out of the protagonists, preferably several times, and suggest to the director that self-indulgence is not the same as coolness.

What a difference a decade makes! In 1995, I was just a couple years out of school, just a couple years older than the main characters, and still working as a part-time clerk myself. In 2006, I'm a veteran of the cubicle wars with a mortgage and not much patience for slackadasical customer service.

Have I officially become a snooty old bitch, or have I simply gained some age-related perspective?


  • Coolness indeed! :) I loved that picture of her in the NY Times article with her "Dora" haircut (heehee). Thanks for the link to the salon.com article!

    By Blogger Aura, at 5:31 PM  

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