Friday, April 07, 2006

weather.com LIED!

Weather.com led me to believe that today would be cold and snowy. Instead, it's 61 degrees F outside, sunny and breezy. What's up with that? How am I supposed to get all my Netflix DVDs watched when it's that nice outside?

Yeah, the DVDs can wait (even though 2 of them are NewsRadio from the Phil Hartman days). I spent a couple hours outside raking dead leaves away from my fence and off of my flower beds. MUCH better!

I also went for a walk around the 'hood because it's Junk Days! Well, I don't think Junk Days is the proper name; it's more like Community Clean-up or Bloomington Spring Cleaning or something. Basically, you can put anything out by the curb this week — appliances, furniture, scrap lumber — and the sanitation service will take it.

But there's usually not much left by garbage day, because junk-picking senior citizens with flatbed trailers cruise the neighborhood all week and haul the choicest morsels home to store in their own garages until next Junk Day.


  • I think you should check out www.weatherwars.info

    I think Scott Stevens is on to something.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:18 PM  

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