Friday, April 28, 2006


This morning I walked to work, which I haven’t done since I was in college, 15 years ago. It was a nice, 2-mile stroll under dishwater-grey skies with my favorite podcast chattering through my iPod. I brought along an umbrella for the walk home, just in case. I’d like to make the walk to work an every-Friday thing during the warmer months. It’s a very mellow way to begin the day. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, I worked up an appetite and am now craving cheesy hash browns.

Last night after T’ai Chi, I went out for a beer with Julie. It’s been ages since the last time we did that — far too long. She told me all about her recent trip to the Big Apple. It sounded fantastic and made me really, really want to go there myself. Is next weekend good for you?

For those keeping track at home, it’s currently about 45 degrees F in my office. I’m wearing a long-sleeved velour t-shirt and a leather jacket while drinking hot tea, and I’m still chilly.

Is anyone else watching The Daily Show on an iPod right now? The one where Stephen Colbert asks, among other questions, “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” The 4/18/06 episode, right toward the end. Next thing you know, he’ll be wanting to know where the beef is as well.

That’s it. I’ve got nothin’.


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