Sunday, April 02, 2006


It's raining and crappy outside today — yet Warren Peace still insists on going outside. So much for my plans to fire up the iPod and work in the yard. What am I supposed to do instead, dust? GRR! Nah, just kidding. Once I take care of the usual grocery shopping and cleaning chores, I'm going to get cozy with the new Jonathan Kellerman novel, Gone. That's exactly what rainy Sundays are for.

I headed for my classes yesterday full of ennui. The only reason I went at all was because I was giving Lisa a ride and didn't want to leave her stranded. But when we got there, we learned that Sifu Paul was out for the day, leaving Partner-san in charge. He directed us to do actual boxing in our boxing class for the first time in months, reminding me of why I've enjoyed it so much in the past. Partner-san rocks.

Then in T'ai Chi, I got to teach some guys who were working on the third section of the form, rather than the first. I always enjoy coaching the first-timers and am gratified to see how many of them come back for more, but it was a treat to work with more experienced students, too. We were able to get more in depth about some of the techniques, and it was a real milestone day for one of the guys as he worked through the end of the form for the first time. That was cool.

And then Woody had chocolate cake waiting for us afterward. Tasty!

After class I learned a very important lesson: what my fancy home security alarm sounds like when it's set off. If you saw a pack of zombies shambling about outside around mid-afternoon, sorry, that was my fault, because that thing really could wake the dead. I apologize to the entire Central Time Zone.

And speaking of time, did you remember to set your clocks ahead?


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