Monday, April 03, 2006

lead me not

Situation: Office is quiet, to-do list is short, Boss M is occupied, Boss B is away.
Temptation: Sneak a peak at iPod video goodies.
Willpower: Wavering. So far, so good, but ask me again in an hour.

Situation: Spent $OMG on clothes on Friday.
Temptation: Return the suit.
Willpower: OK. I’m chanting the “quality” mantra. Besides, the jacket is being altered, and I don’t think I can get a full refund after that.

Situation: No meetings scheduled for Friday, and spring might just be here to stay.
Temptation: Take Friday off.
Willpower: Strong. Did not ask for permission to take Friday off; announced I was taking Friday off.

Situation: I have Friday off!
Temptation: Waste the day staring at the computer.
Willpower: Will depend on sunshine. Weather.com predicts 70% chance of rain that day. But I can still have some fun.

Situation: Cold wind blowing down my neck.
Temptation: Cover chilly vent with duct tape.
Willpower: Wavering. Trying the Unabomber approach first — making use of the hood on my hoodie.


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