Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter parade

I had no plans for this Easter Sunday except to spend some time outdoors enjoying the fine spring weather. So off I went with iPod in ears and camera in hand. This is what I saw.

As I left the house, I stopped at my own curb. These shoes were made for tossing. I've had both pairs since ca. 1997, so I thought it was about time they went bye-bye.

Big pile of bricks. I don't know what they're going to build.

Weeping willows budding in a park.

Half a dozen male mallards head for the watering hole.

Mr. Mallard takes a dip.

Um, lawn bowling?

Money I found on the ground: $.14.

When did fire hydrants stop being red?

What's up, docks?

Almost home: I-494 heading west, viewed through the fence on the pedestrian overpass.

This was waiting for me at home.


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