Wednesday, March 29, 2006

peach pie dreams

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 66 today, and we’d celebrate by eating warm peach pie with the best vanilla ice cream available. At least one of his friends would give him a bottle of Bailey’s. Mom would probably deliver a nice shirt or other item of clothing, in addition to baking the pie. My sister and I would probably resort to gift cards because we never knew what to get him. (This is the guy who always said that if you had toilet paper in the bathroom and ice cream in the freezer, you were doing all right. What do you get him, a gross of Charmin?) He would, hopefully, be retired by now, able to fish all he wanted and travel to all 50 state parks with Mom, with plenty of DQ stops along the way.

I miss Dad. I still save up cool or funny things to tell him. I know he’d be delighted with my iPod, and with the round Astroturf throw rug I just bought at Ikea. He’d laugh over me liking southern gospel. He’d be proud of me teaching. He’d love hanging out in Phoenix with his granddaughter (my Cutest Niece Ever) and her other grandparents, Roger and Phyllis, but he’d never, ever get on their Harley.

Thinking about Dad makes me happy, not sad. So today, have a cupcake, tell the best joke you know, and embellish your golf score. Tell them Bill sent you.


  • Your dad was a sweet man - I am glad I knew him.

    And I am glad his memory makes you happy - I am sure that is what he would want...

    From the home of peach pie - thanks for a great post!

    By Blogger Parker, at 8:28 AM  

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