Saturday, March 25, 2006

new and not

Things that are not new:

  • experienced yet inept martial arts students who chap my hide
  • inexperienced yet quick-to-learn martial arts students who make my day
  • Partner-san rocks
  • Mother Media is cool
  • Sister-san is cool
  • CNE is cool
  • Chef Jeff is cool — and another year older. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF!!
  • my cats are neurotic
  • I [heart] Jon Stewart

Things that are new:

  • my iPod, which I have named Atlas because it holds so much
  • DailyDancer.com, a blog on which some dorky guy posts videos of himself dancing, not especially well, to various tunes. This will make you smile no matter what.

Rockapella wish list:
full-band, heavy metal version of WITWICS



  • Hurray!!! You got the ipod!!! And I love the name you choose. Very very good choice. :-)

    May I suggest a few podcasts? For the tv show 24: 24 The Next Hour, and 24 The Podcast. Lost: The Lost Podcast by Jay & Jack, and LostCast. Reality TV: RFF Radio. For just a good time: Barenaked Ladies, and Roth Radio.

    By Blogger Indigo, at 8:16 AM  

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