Sunday, March 19, 2006

amen to that

The Signature Sound Quartet show this afternoon was terrific, as expected. It comprised great singing, good choreography, decent banter, interesting hair, sharp suits, and better shoes than the average quartet-plus-rhythm ensemble's. I could have done without the flag-waving singalong and mini-church service there toward the end, but that's just me. As such things go, ringmaster Ernie Haase handled them well.

Points of interest:

  • This was a karaoke concert. SSQ travels light on tour; their backup band consisted of 6'3" pianist Roy Webb (tan suit) hunched Schroeder-like over a keyboard that, at the touch of a button, supplied full orchestration in addition to tinkling ivories.
  • Ernie Haase's (not pictured) voice is as nearly high as Scott Leonard's, and it's sweeter.
  • Ryan Seaton (black suit), the second tenor, always surprises me. His full, powerful sound seems to belong to a much older man.
  • Suspicion confirmed: Doug Anderson (grey suit/blue tie) is the cutest (and second-smiliest) baritone in the history of music. Glad I took the time to get that makeup consultation at the mall. Doug and I made eye contact twice. I think that means we're going steady.
  • Tim Duncan (shown in profile) in person is teh shizznit! Southern gospel attracts some of the best basses around, and Tim is probably the current leader of the pack. Sometimes it's good to be the lowest of the low. The concert was held in a high school auditorium, and the sound system was hi-end enough to rise — or is that sink? — to the challenge of supporting his subsonic low notes. And he doesn't just moo, he enunciates.
  • As mandated in the Quartet Constitution, the singers lined up with high tenor at stage right anad bass at stage left. I've commented on them in the proper order as well.
  • SSQ work their own merch table during intermission. That's the only time I got any photos, as I didn't stick around for long after the show. Since Ernie didn't come out, I've got no shots of him.

Anyway, it was a fine fine day. I'm glad these guys are fairly young so I can enjoy them for a good long while.


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