Wednesday, February 01, 2006

on the case

First off, THANK YOU everybody for the good wishes regarding the robbery. I'm coping. You're helping.

So are the local police. My first phone call at work this morning was from Detective Steve of the Bloomington PD. He wanted to update me on yesterday’s developments and get a statement from me regarding the woman who was arrested.

The facts so far:

Yesterday the police arrested a woman, LD – for what, I’m not sure. She had in her possession the two credit cards stolen from my house. Realizing they were stolen, the police – possibly my buddy Officer Tim – told her she would be charged with burglary.

LD protested that she had not stolen the cards and was not taking any burglary rap. She said she’d gone to the home of her husband’s nephew, who lives about a block from me. There she was given the cards and instructed to go buy a TV.

I don’t know whether she got busted while actually trying to buy the TV or not. That’s irrelevant anyway, because LD had some outstanding felony warrants, so she will go to jail for possession of stolen property even though she’s not the one who stole it.

Meanwhile, Detective Steve now has the name(s) and address of the person(s) who gave her the cards. This is not enough yet for him to get a search warrant for that house, as LD may have been lying. But Steve & Co. are going to keep an eye on the place and try to find a reason to get inside.

I testified over the phone that I did not know LD, had not given her my cards or permission to use them, and had not given her permission to enter my home. Detective Steve said he’d keep me apprised of any further developments.

So. That’s something. The actual thief is probably aware by now that LD was arrested. If he’s still got my stolen stuff, maybe Steve will find it. But maybe he’s already ditched it so he doesn’t get caught with it if Steve comes calling. I’m just pleased that the police have something to go on.

Stay tuned.


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