Thursday, February 02, 2006

grass dream

Over the weekend, I dreamed that I was walking in a public park on a warm day. I came upon several freezer-size plastic bags that appeared to be full of herbs or grass clippings. When I moved closer, I realized they were full of marijuana. A guy named Stavros tried to give them to me to stuff into my backpack, but I declined.

A crowd gathered to gaze upon the bounty of weed. I realized that this was going to attract the wrong kind of attention, so I made my way ever so casually toward my car (the white Tracer hatchback I was driving a dozen years ago).

But I wasn’t fast enough. As I opened the door, a policeman (played by a particular character actor whose name escapes me) approached and called me by name, which he had of course learned by running my license plate number through his computer. I acknowledged him, and he immediately arrested me for possession of the marijuana. He handcuffed me and used a bright yellow cord to tether my cuffs to his belt. Knowing he wouldn’t buy “The dope isn’t mine, I came across it just lying there” as a defense, I remained silent.

Instead of taking me straight to the police station, he took me to a diner. He was in no hurry to process my paperwork and thought I might be more cooperative if he fed me. We were seated outside. He was discussing pork loin soup with the waitress when I woke up.

What does this mean?


  • What the heck is pork loin soup??

    By Anonymous Sister-san, at 4:29 PM  

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