Monday, February 27, 2006


If I were still producing a Band Name of the Day, you'd be reading about Meat Blanket and A Kitten Named Steve very soon. As it is, you're free to form your own ideas about them, so knock yourself out.

I had a nice, quiet weekend of classes and visits, pizza and beer. Checked out some more podcasts — Ask a Ninja is a must-see — and missed the closing of the Olympics.

I'm thinking of going to MarsCon this coming weekend, but I'm thinking even more about not going. Okay, I'd like to get to the panel discussion being moderated by a friend of mine, and there are a couple celebrity guests I wouldn't mind catching. But I'd miss a lot of the best stuff because it occurs while I'm in my Saturday classes, and I'm not willing to buy a full-price badge for half-time access, nor to skip the classes to attend.

Besides, if I have to see one more combover/ponytail combination, I just might have to deliver a geek smackdown. And you know that wouldn't be pretty.

Let's face it, with the exception of Dragon*Con last fall, the last few sci-fi cons I've been to have been disappointing. Same people, same costumes, same topics, same smell. I'm having a hard time trying to talk myself into this one.



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