Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CSI: Sensational Acres — day 10

My robbery case, such as it is, plods on. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the county attorney’s office notifying me that LD, the woman arrested with my credit cards in her possession, has been formally charged with possession of stolen property and giving false information to police (she lied about her name).

The letter offers me the chance to give evidence or make an “impact statement” in court, to request restitution, and to be notified when the defendant is released from jail. (I’ve been warned by someone in the know that she might enter a plea bargain and not go to jail, but perhaps those outstanding felony warrants will make a difference here.)

I don’t plan to do any of those things, because LD did not really do me any harm. Detective Steve is pretty sure she was not the person who broke into my house, nor the person who used my credit cards before I closed the accounts, and I trust his opinion. Sure, she was planning to use my card(s), but it never happened. LD took nothing from me and owes me nothing back. I have no desire to make myself known to her.

I haven’t heard back from the insurance company yet, but I might check in with them today to see if they have an update for me. I also need to learn more about the home security system I’ve been looking at — about installation, specifically — and probably place my order.

So on we go. I’m feeling more at ease this week, although I still leave the TV on (muted) even when I’m not at home. I also have the doors to the office and spare bedroom open instead of closed, and the lamp in the living room stays on all night. And I call my Mom more often to let her know things are OK.

The alarm system will bring us both more peace of mind. While I’m not planning to move any time soon, it will also add to the resale value of the house. Plus, unlike a dog, it will get along with my cats, and I won’t have to clean up its deposits in the yard.

UPDATE: I called the home security company recommended by my coworker, and they're sending a consultant to my house Friday at 6:00. His name is Kevin. He'll help me figure out what I need and what it costs, and arrange installation.

I also checked with my homeowner's insurance company. They're still working on figuring out a value for the laptop. That should happen in the next few days. Then they'll notify me of my settlement. I'm thinking that old laptop was worth about enough to buy me a Blizzard. Which is better than nothing.


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