Wednesday, February 22, 2006

amen omen

Two words: Lost podcasts.

Also making my day: the final component of my alarm system, the device that allows me to turn on a living room lamp using my keychain remote, was installed tonight. (The unit the guy brought over yesterday didn't work, so he had to come back.) The same lamp will also flash on and off if my alarm gets tripped, tipping off the neighbors that (A) my alarm has been tripped or (B) I'm operating a disco in my living room.

Making my day yesterday was a phone call that put an end to my dithering over concert plans for May 20. As I've mentioned before, on that date, Rockapella is performing in Las Vegas and SSQ (with the Gaither Homecoming) here in Minneapolis. I had been trying to decide whether to cowboy up and do the Vegas trip for my first-love band or stay home and cheat on them with gospel singers.

Yesterday, the family friends who have invited me to the Gaither Homecoming in the past called and invited me for this year's concert. As usual, they're generously paying for the ticket and providing transportation from their house to the venue, not to mention hosting a cheesecake bonanza afterward. Plus, they invited my mother as well, and she agreed to come. Since nobody offered to pay my way to Vegas or feed me and Mom cheesecake in the glow of neon lights and showgirl tights, I made my decision on the spot: gospel wins.

If you'd asked me a year ago how that one would turn out, I would have performed the anatomically dubious feat of laughing in your face while kicking your ass. Today, no contest. Hmph. How times do change.

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  • michele sent me!

    as soon as i hit 30 i decided i don't need to make excuses for anything i do :)

    By Anonymous kristen, at 1:03 PM  

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