Monday, February 06, 2006


This morning Grassmaster Amy alerted me to a great way she's learned of to make money. She had received an e-mail from a nice little old lady offering to share her wealth before she dies. All Amy (or anyone else) has to do is contact the lady's attorney with their bank account numbers so the attorney can deposit the money directly. Cool, huh?

I don't know my account numbers offhand, so I was hoping to ask for a money order instead. But Amy is planning to supply her credit card information so she can just turn right around and use the money she receives to do good for others.

Amy is more noble than I. I think I'll use my windfall to pay for the home security system I've been pricing online. According to ADT.com (recommended by a coworker who likes his ADT system a lot), I'm looking at $1099 purchase/installation fee + $35.99/month for monitoring. And I've already spent $216 to pay a locksmith to rekey all my locks. OY!

I might receive a small settlement from my homeowner's insurance for the laptop — might and small being the operative words here — but certainly not enough to pay for all that. Still, when I think of it as purchasing peace of mind, suddenly it doesn't seem like so much.


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